Meet the Farmers


Collaborating for good. We work with the member farms and non‑member farms of Agri‑Cultura Network to bring fresh produce to our local community. Find out more about the farms by clicking on the links below.

Member Farms

Non-member Farms

  • Abuelo's Apples
  • Abundia Farms
  • Amyo Farms
  • Ancient Water Farms
  • Anthony Youth Farm
  • Atrisco Truck Farm
  • Black Mesa Farms
  • Center for Southwest Culture
  • Cornelius Candelaria Organics
  • Four Moon Farms
  • Freshies of New Mexico
  • Harvest Gifts
  • Las Chinampas Farms
  • La Plazita Gardens
  • Los Terrones Gardens
  • Nolina's Heavenly Organics
  • J Bar Star Farm
  • Jiron Family Farm
  • Kimchi Farm
  • Organic Acres Farm
  • Owl Peak Farm
  • Peas and Hominy
  • Silverleaf Farms
  • Silvia's Orchard
  • Toad Acres Farm
  • Tomas's Orchard
Agri-cultura Network

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